Wood Privacy Fence Services For Huntsville, Texas, And The Surrounding Areas

Wood Privacy Fence Services For Huntsville, Texas, And The Surrounding AreasHaving years of experience in fencing and working with professional designers, Huntsville Fence Company proudly offers quality work at an affordable price. A full range of equipment allows Huntsville Fence Company to restore any existing fence to its original beauty. Huntsville Fence Company invites you to contact us or fill out the estimate form on our website to receive a free estimate.

Wood privacy fences create a private environment while also adding security to your residential or commercial property. It is possible to pick a higher level of security that you need from a selection of heights. You can prevent trespassing by erecting a fence that is higher than it would be if it were not for the blocking action. Your security cameras will be able to view over a wood privacy fence more easily and tell potential intruders to stay away. It is possible that a potential intruder could climb your fence, but having a fence deters that from happening and gives you more time to pick up on them. In other words, it makes trespassers want to stay away from your privacy fence because they don’t want to get caught, whether by sight or by camera.

How We Can Help!

The fence installation and repair company we work around Huntsville, Texas is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We provide a range of services, including:

  • Wood Privacy Fence Install
  • Wood Privacy Fence Repair
  • Wood Privacy Fence Maintenance
  • And More Wood Privacy Fence Services!

You can obtain a free quote on our services for wood privacy fences by giving us a call today.

Wood Privacy Fence Install

Want to have a wood privacy fence installed around your home, your business, or your property? With competitive pricing and exceptional quality, Huntsville Fence Company is hands down the best in the industry. Our fences are all constructed from metal posts and are set a minimum of 2 feet deep with 5500psi concrete in every hole. We only use cedar pickets and we never use cheap prefabricated panels, pressure-treated or pine pickets, wood posts, or pressure-treated wood posts.

Wood Privacy Fence Repair

The cost of an entire replacement is sometimes too high. Where possible, we will work with you to repair and enhance your current fence by utilizing existing materials. Keeping as many of the existing rails as you can and replacing some posts might reduce your materials cost. As an additional service, we can replace broken pickets or repair the damaged fence sections. Stain the fence and you have a fence that is as good as a brand new one for a fraction of the price of a new fence installation.

Don’t hesitate to call us today at 936-506-2630 for a free service quote on all wood privacy fencing, as well as barbed wire & field fence┬áservices. You will meet with our contractors in your home to determine your wood privacy fence options. Our team is ready to help, so contact us today and find out more about our services.