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Angle view of black Wrought Iron Fence among trees in Huntsville, Texas

In addition to providing high-quality fence products and professional installation, Huntsville Fence Company has been committed to providing fair and reasonable prices. The Huntsville Fencing Contractor has earned the reputation of being the industry leader in the fencing business for many years. Whether you need residential, commercial, or industrial fencing, we’ve got the experience and capability to help you out.

What Our Focus Is On Every Fencing Job

  • Your Satisfaction – Whether you’re a new customer or have been with us for years, you’ll be satisfied with the Huntsville Fence Company service. Make your fence that much better by letting us know of any changes you think would enhance it. Providing 100% customer satisfaction would not be possible if we weren’t here because of our customers.
  • Meeting Deadlines – It is true that we are widely recognized when it comes to completing projects on time. Because we have the experience to know how long most projects might take, we are able to accurately predict the time it might take.
  • Workplace Safety – A company like ours would be able to be proud of our safety sheets. It is always our policy to follow the guidelines established by OSHA and related national safety organizations. This assists in ensuring the best possible level of safety at the workplace.

You don’t just have to take our word for it!

Following is a list of some positive feedback our customers have given us:

“I had these guys install a new privacy fence for me and from the start to finish, everything went great! Communication is very strong at Huntsville Fence Company and I really appreciate that! I actually have a backyard now and it is safe and secure!” – Herbert Walsh

“Met and exceeded expectations! 4 of 5 days of construction while we were under a heat advisory. The whole team was amazing. The fence is a work of art.” – Lois Barrera

“I will always use Huntsville Fence Company for our fencing needs. They are an upstanding company with integrity and respect. The quality of their work matters to them. Thank you for a fence built to perfection.” – Victor Hopkins

The Huntsville Fence Company Difference

As one of our company’s core values ever since inception, “Protect What Matters Most” has been one of our company’s motto. That may be our children in the backyard while they play, kids on the ballfields while they compete, keeping our youngest safe around the pools we enjoy in the summer months, protecting the perimeter of our schools, protecting our pets, securing our property, or enhancing the beauty of your home. Keeping your property secure and safe is a good thing, and a great fence can help you do that.

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